23 – 24 Oct, Braemarnia Open Studio

Community drop-in sessions with writer Rachel Marsh

23 – 24 October 2019, 2 – 4PM

Braemarnia Open Studio: One town, five hundred people, hundreds of stories, and one novel.

Braemarnia is a book that is inspired by the life and times of the people in Braemar. Yet, rather than being written by one person, the entire population of Braemar are being invited to be involved in the making of this novel, which will be launched in October 2020.

Writer Rachel Marsh will be setting up her desk in The Fife Arms on two afternoons during this year’s Braemar Creative Arts Festival as she puts all the stories together.

Members of the public are invited to stop by and ask questions, get a sneak peak of the novel, or help with the writing and editing process.

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