Bertie’s Whisky Bar

Bertie’s Whisky Bar, is a sumptuously elegant and glamorous whisky bar, named in honour of Queen Victoria’s eldest son, King Edward VII, also known as ‘Bertie’.

Inspired by the famous Royal bon viveur, known for his notoriously spirited behaviour, our whisky bar will embrace all of this much-loved monarch’s extravagance, appetite for life and excessive spirit in every sense. Bertie’s is a celebration of whisky and this hedonistic heir, a gregarious and larger than life character, who played fast and loose with the rules, had a love of opulence and all the wonders of the world.

Entering Bertie’s is like no other whisky bar, in fact, there is no ‘bar’ at Bertie’s. Instead, guests will lose themselves in a labyrinth of whisky bottles, arranged like books on shelves, backlit in a lustrous amber liquid casting a seductive glow across the room. Bertie’s can be said to be a ‘whisky library’ where guests are actively encouraged to discover, wander and browse with bartenders as ‘librarians’ to answer questions and make suggestions.

There are over 500 whiskies, arranged by flavour profile: Fragrant, Fruity, Rich and Smoky.

Bertie’s has been designed by Russell Sage Studio, the team responsible for the much talked about interiors of the rest of the hotel. Russell explains that coming into Bertie’s is “like entering an alchemist’s shop, shelves burgeoning with tinctures – with a library of beautifully illuminated whisky bottles which in turn cast an amber glow around the room and its guests.”

One of the most striking features of Bertie’s interior design is the incredible lighting, conceived so the room is always glowingly welcoming: dramatic, intimate and sumptuous. Later in the evening, the lights turn to a smouldering red, as the ambience becomes ever more relaxed. There are even uplighters in the cocktail tables, so the whisky glimmers as it is poured into the glasses.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8pm – Midnight
Saturday & Sunday: 6pm – Midnight


Whisky Tastings

Partake in a bespoke Whisky Tasting guided by our Bertie’s Whisky Team and explore four wonderfully characteristic drams that convey what Bertie’s is all about. These are held Monday – Friday at 5pm and Saturday-Sunday 4pm – £90pp.

If you would like to enquire about a bespoke whisky tastings then please contact us at

Make a Reservation

Due to the popularity of Bertie's we recommend you make a reservation if you are planning on joining us. These can be online or by calling the hotel on 01339 720202.

Eat & Drink

The bountiful natural larder of Scotland is showcased throughout the hotel. From fresh seafood to local game and world-class whiskies to craft beers, there is something to please every palate at The Fife Arms.

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