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Feeling more like a private country house than a hotel, each of the 46 guestrooms and suites are individually decorated and furnished. With six distinctive room types, each accommodation is dedicated to a local person, place, event or theme that has been meticulously researched to bring the hotel's history to life.

Royal Suites

Our most well-appointed accommodations, the Royal Suites are inspired by some of Braemar's noble visitors. With views over the surrounding landscape, the suites are richly furnished with antiques, artwork and even objects that once belonged to these historic figures.

Victoriana Suites

The Victoriana Suites reflect the hotel's history as a 19th century coaching inn. Richly decorated with antique furnishings, period wallpaper and original artwork, the suites offer stunning views over Braemar and the surrounding landscape.

Scottish Culture Rooms

From literature and astronomy to engineering and exploration, Scotland has produced leading figures in fields such as science and the arts. These names have inspired the Scottish Culture Rooms which are situated throughout the hotel.

Nature & Poetry Rooms

The grandeur of the Scottish natural landscape has inspired countless writers and poets. The Nature and Poetry Rooms feature artwork and objects made from natural materials such as heather, horn and tweed. The rooms feature beautiful wooden headboards with words by Scottish poet, Alec Finlay, carved into them.

Croft Rooms

Inspired by a traditional Scottish croft house, our cosiest rooms feature a charming, traditional cabin bed (measuring 6.2ft x 4.5ft) that's spacious for one or snug for two. Each bed has been hand-painted by artists and inspired by the surrounding Scottish landscape.

Artist’s Studio

Artist’s Studio is a one-off accommodation that offers stunning views over the surrounding landscape that is sure to inspire and delight.

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