10 May – Finding: Following along waterlines

A talk with artists Gill Russell and Alec Finlay

10 May 2019, 6.30 – 8 PM

Artists Gill Russell and Alec Finlay host an informal evening talk about their collaborative mappings made for ‘Gathering’, Alec’s place-aware guide to The Cairngorms, commissioned by The Fife Arms.

Both artists have, over many years, honed a deep understanding of the local Cairngorm environment and a respect for the natural ecosystems it provides.

The evening’s discussion will interweave a map of the Dee watershed, finding the springs, a Mesolithic walk, dark-eyed cairns, and the meeting of watersheds in the high Cairngorms.

‘ Imagination matters. Many of the ancient myths of the Cairngorms have long been forgotten, but water is still a visceral force: rushing over rocks, spate black, depositing reddish alluvials, and changing course overnight. Rivers and burns defined clan territories, provided food, enriched the earth, and now produce renewable energy.’ from ‘ Gathering’ Alec Finlay

Organised to accompany the Cairngorms Big Nature Weekend, the talk will be followed by an evening of live traditional music in The Flying Stag.

Tickets are complimentary and can be booked HERE

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