Fondue Hut

Fondue Hut

From November 22nd, our Fog House will be reimagined into a traditional Swiss Alpine fondue hut, overlooking the magical courtyard.

This wonderful room, with wood panelling and a cosy fireplace, naturally lends itself as the backdrop to a traditional Swiss fondue hut, complete with red and white linens on each of the tables. This is the place for casting calorie cares aside and diving your fondue fork into a steaming Swiss cheese mix from the Emmental Valley in Bern made with Schlossberger and Appenberger. Or, fittingly for a hut in the heart of the Highlands, go Scottish, with a delicious combination of two local cheeses, Tain ‘Fat Cow’ and Isle of Mull Cheddar, with Brew Dog’s local beer, Pale Ale, from nearby Ellon.

And don’t forget: the first person to drop their bread into the pot – foots the bill!

Menu can be viewed HERE



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