Surrounding the hotel and the village of Braemar is the extraordinary Cairngorms National Park. Visitors can walk out of the hotel and within 5 minutes be on walking trail which will lead you through historic forests of heather and Scot’s Pine before you emerge at the top to experience a panoramic view of the village and the Deeside valley below. Each season brings something new to see; autumn is the rutting season for stags where you can hear their roars across the hills; winter sees the native Ptarmigan change into their white camouflage while the Atlantic Salmon swim upstream along the River Dee; Spring brings promise of red squirrel dashing around the forest and with Summer comes the vibrant heather and its mix of pink and purple hues. There are many self-led trails requiring different degrees of stamina. Alternatively the hotel can arrange for a guide to lead you on various walks or hikes. Please consult our Ghillie team for more information on guided tours and nature walks.

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All 46 guestrooms and suites are individually decorated and named after a local figure, place, event or theme. Each room offers comfortable accommodation while showcasing the work of local craftsmen and the rich history of Braemar.

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