Family Room

Our Family Room is a treasure trove of fun for children of all ages. With board games, books and table football plus a play kitchen, DVD player and Xbox with an array of different games, this is the perfect hangout for your little ones. Don’t miss the red squirrels hidden throughout the room, all knitted by the ‘Deeside Knitwits’. Also available from reception is a treasure hunt around the hotel. Each young guest will receive a set of instructions which ask them to find certain treasures located throughout the hotel. Once completed the hotel will share a prize with each successful treasure hunter!

Map Masters

Learn the art of navigation with Braemar Highland Experience. This practical, hands on course teaches the basics of map reading including using features, contours and grid references. You will discover how to plan your journey through the Cairngorms National Park and use a compass to take and follow a route which will direct you to hidden treasure. To find out more about these packages detailed below, please contact the Ghillie team.

Murmuring Forest

Uncover the mysteries of the forest and meet some of its wild inhabitants. Guided by the experts at Braemar Highland Experience, you will learn secret stories about some of Scotland’s most native trees, as well as their past and present uses. We’ll explore the sounds of the forest and the lives of the animals that live in it. To finish off, you’ll learn how to make a bird feeder, allowing you to feed the birds in your own garden. To find out more about these packages, please contact the Ghillie team.

Time Travel

Go back in time to see how people of the past lived and worked in the remote glens surrounding the hotel. Guided by the experts at Braemar Highland Experience, you’ll explore the ruins of a remote village and learn about the lives of its inhabitants. With the extreme weather conditions and tricky terrain, how did they farm the land and build their homes? To finish off the trip, you’ll also make an ancient form of light, similar to one these inhabitants would have used.

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