24th December: Christmas Eve wishes

Embrace the magic of Christmas and read the well wishes for 2021 from a class of local children

This Christmas we’re celebrating the 24 days of advent with a special activity each day for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world.

This joyous Christmas Eve – and our final day of The Fife Arms festive advent calendar – we’re sharing the uplifting wishes for 2021 from a group of local school children.

Wishes for 2021

– “My wish for 2021 is to stop racism because it’s mean”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is for people to treat others equally, because otherwise it’s just not fair”.

– “My wish for the world is that climate change could be reversed”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is for Christmas to be normal again, because some people’s families live abroad and because of Covid, they can’t travel to see them”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is for racism to end because it’s unfair to treat people differently because of the colour of their skin”.

– “My wish is for more buildings to be built so the shops are not so crammed”.

– “I wish that at some point Covid would stop and we could get a cure for cancer”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is for Coronavirus to stop because I haven’t had the best year because of it”.

– “My wish for 2021 is that we should all be more environmental, because we’re destroying forests and killing sea life”.

– “My wish for the world is to have more biking trails in Scotland, because there are lots of young mountain bikers out there who don’t get the chance to shine”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is that animal cruelty stops and that we have no more bullies in the world”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is for people to be kind to each other”.

– “My wish for the world in 2021 is for the homeless to have somewhere to go”.

– “My wish is for a cure for cancer as it will save lives”.

– “My wish is that there is no Covid”.

– “I wish that there are no animal poachers”.

– “My wish is that all children could spend more time outdoors and less time using technology”.

– “My wish is for a better environment and less litter”.

– “My wish is that all endangered species of animals would become more popular”.

– “I wish that everyone could have more money”.

– “My wish is that people could do what the government says so that the Coronavirus will stop”.

– “My wish is that everybody could have a great Christmas”.

– “I wish that everyone could be safe”.

– “My wish is for everyone to be happy and have a great Christmas”.

– “I wish that there was enough toys for all the children in the world”.

– “I wish that people had more respect for wildlife and their world”.

– “I wish there were less wasps in the world”.

– “My wish if for everyone to have their freedom to get their own way”.

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